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Jon Hershberger, co-founder and President of Black Blade Publishing, LLC – Jon began playing D&D in high school in the late 1970’s and started DMing in 1980 with a newly printed set of the First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons hardcover rulebooks from TSR.  


Over the years, Jon played other game systems, but seemed to always return to First Edition AD&D as the default rule system for his regular gaming sessions.  Today, Jon has an active gaming group of eight friends that he runs games for, with the current campaign approaching the 4 year mark. 


Jon has been involved with several of the First Edition DCC conversion adventures released by Goodman Games since 2006, including the Iron Crypt of the Heretics and Saga of the Witch Queen




Allan J. Grohe Jr., co-founder of Black Blade Publishing, LLC – Allan has been playing D&D and other rpgs since 1977. Allan’s first professional gaming publication (“More for the Shadow Master”) appeared in White Wolf Magazine #11 in 1987; he has also contributed to The Unspeakable Oath, Pyramid, Polyhedron, and Dragon Magazine, among others. Allan was a co-founder of Event Horizon Productions, and has worked extensively with Biohazard Games (Blue Planet), Pagan Publishing (Call of Cthulhu publisher of Delta Green), Different Worlds Publications (Tadashi Ehara), and Pied Piper Publishing (Robert J. Kuntz). More-recent projects include editing OSRIC version 1.0 as well as Mythmere Games’ Tomb of the Iron God. Allan’s editorial and development work has contributed to winning one Origins Award, securing four Origins Award nominations, and two ENnie Award nominations.

Allan is known online as grodog, where he publishes a website featuring Greyhawk D&D content, as well as his non-gaming writing (poetry, personal essays, and literary scholarship), and the usual fan ephemera. He lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his lovely wife Heather, their two boys Ethan and Henry, and their two cats Percy and Jasper (truenames Percy Beeblebrox and Trapdoor Jasper). 


Andreas Claren, freelance cartographer for Black Blade Publishing - Andreas starting playing D&D in 1980, beginning with the Holmes Edition but soon thereafter switching to 1E. It has remained his favorite system ever since, although he added a bunch of house rules and many elements from later editions except 4th.  Andreas also plays Call of Cthulhu occasionally and enjoys a good game of Traveller Classic from time to time.  His oldest campaign runs continuously since 1982, with three of the original six players still participating, and two of them even still playing their original characters. 

Andreas started drawing Diesel-style maps in 2005 when he began as the main mapper for Dragonsfoot Publications.

Andreas is 46 years old, is married and has two children and lives in Hamburg, Germany.



Matthew James Stanham, freelance editor for Black Blade Publishing  - introduced to adventure role playing games in the early nineties, by way of Hero Quest and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. He enjoys a wide variety of other adventure games, board games, card games, and war games, but prefers to spend his free time in and around the East Mark or Calthornia.

In recent years Matthew has contributed to the editing and writing of the expanded OSRIC 2.0 project, as well as authoring the free fast play module Orcs' Nest as an introduction to that system. Amongst other things, he is currently developing War & Battle, a supplement for OSRIC that deals with the political and military machinations of name level player characters, whether they take place on the battlefield, in the council chamber, or down a darkened alley.